I was tired of All the Fad Diets...

I don’t know about you, but every time I tried a new diet I failed. The diets didn’t make sense to me, I always felt hungry, and the ability to maintain any kind of “diet” for an extended period of time was out of the question with my lifestyle. Then I found a way of eating that allows me the versatility I need with my schedule, it keeps me from having those sugar cravings and blood sugar crashes, and I NEVER feel hungry.. Learning how to eat foods from the Earth the way God intended has been so refreshing and truly freeing.

Once I started this new way of eating I felt alone. Not many of my friends or family ate this way, so I had to really dig deep to find a system that worked well for all of us in the home. The foods we eat are based on the Plant Based Diet, but truly include all Whole Foods. We are hunters, so we do eat meat... When we do, I try to make sure the meat we eat is clean, and not full of hormones or other junk. I am, however, a busy mom and a realist. We consume Deli meats and cheeses on occasion, and have been told many times (by the husband) that Bacon is it’s own food group - therefore, it will always be allowed in our home. 

I’ll let you decide that one for yourself.  ;)


Shifting my mindset to focusing on just one way of eating was HUGE, instead of trying to follow other restricted diets, like Paleo, Atkins, Keto, and other calorie / point counting programs. I HATE counting points and calories, and I despise being restricted. I needed a simple system to keep me accountable while also giving me a focus point. Remember how I said I am NEVER hungry? Well it’s true. I can eat whenever I want with very little restrictions. I stay satisfied, and feel happy when I can prepare real foods from the Earth that taste good!

Cravings and The Guilt

Let me share with you what plant based / whole foods has done for me. First of all, it has drastically cut down on my sugar cravings and snack desires. I have learned how to easily swap out my craving-foods for simple, whole food options. Cravings happen, though, and it's a good idea to Plan your reward foods/drinks so it's something you can look forward to!

When I get off track, I’ve learned to love myself anyway, and start over right then. When (not if) I cave in to a sweet craving, I own it and continue on my journey. Focusing on the negative choice and guilt associated with the sweet treat, only destroys our good intentions and positive thoughts. Think about what you could swap out the next time, have it on hand, and mentally prepare for it.

Give me ALL the Energy

Since I started eating whole foods, taking whole food supplements, and consuming just an ounce of the nutrient dense Red drink, I have the energy to keep up with my two toddlers! This was NOT the case when I was yo-yo dieting and pushing my own needs to the side. Supporting my body from the inside out has been the key to maintaining the energy I need to be a full time mom and wife, a full time Speech-Language Pathologist, and a woman.

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  1. Teryn Thomasson  06/15/2020 07:47 PM Central
    This is something I recently have been trying to do! I like the idea of whole food/plant based as opposed to keto but am liking some of the types of food I can eat on keto

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