Nightly Routines Calm the mind - Part 2 of Sleep Series

Before Good Sleep

I remember sleeping over at a friend's house for the first time when I was young. She played the radio to help her sleep. It was nice for a while, but I laid there almost all night - NOT sleeping. Thinking about the lyrics, dancing in my head to the songs, and wondering if she would notice if I turned it off.

Stories like this from my youth have stayed with me because I’ve always been sensitive to noises and lights when I sleep. Fast forward to adulthood, and my sleep struggle continued. It would take me hours to fall asleep and if I ever did, I woke up just a few hours later frustrated and exhausted. I started self medicating some nights which would completely ruin the following day. I woke up drowsy, grumpy, and jealous of everyone who slept well the night before.

In my journey and struggle to fix my lack of sleep, I learned the benefits of Melatonin and the best ways to naturally generate that hormone.


Building an evening routine is one of the easiest ways to start generating Melatonin. When creating an evening routine, it’s best to keep it simple. At night, to jump start the Melatonin production, I start dimming the lights 30-60 minute prior to bedtime. This is a great tip if you have kids in the house as well! Light actually confuses the brain into thinking it’s still daylight. Here are some hard and fast rules for increasing Melatonin production:

  • Turn off Blue Light devices 30 minutes prior to bed: Try reading an actual book or listening to an audio version. Blue light keeps our brains in a “wakeful” state.

  • Leave Social Media alone at least 30-45 minutes prior to getting into bed: The dopamine response you get from every “like” or comment energizes the brain to want more!

  • Create a Habit with the routine you create. Our bodies have an internal clock which is affected by our stressful and busy lives. Routines are the easiest way to reset that “clock.”

The Brain

One of the easiest ways to produce melatonin is by consistently using an evening routine.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The brain CRAVES sameness and routine. It loves moving forward without having to “think” about new information. Once in a groove, the unconscious mind is at peace. Do you actually think about the way you brush your teeth? Or the way you put on your pants the exact same way every morning - left foot first, and then the right. (Now you’re curious!) That my friend, is why nightly routines are crucial for adequate sleep. Once the brain recognizes a “groove” or routine, it calms. When we’ve completed the routine enough times, a habit forms.

I have  a very powerful essential oil that has been part of my sleep routine for years. All I do is roll it on my big toes, put my socks on, or don’t, and my brain is calm within 15 minutes. IT IS AMAZING. I’ve attached the Essential Oil if your body needs a little extra at night.

Sleepy time roller

15 ml Roller bottle

10 drops Vetiver Essential Oil

Fill ¾ with Carrier Oil or V6

Roll on bottoms of feet AND big toes before getting into bed. 

Repeat each time you wake.

Share what a nightly routine will look like for you!


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