Why I Choose to Clean without the Poison

Spiraling Down

My health was spiraling in so many directions. Once I learned what the toxic mess was doing to my body, I knew something had to change- and fast. Around this same time is when David and I were talking about having kids. I decided then to have our home toxin free in 6 months. Well, it happened in three because I became pregnant much quicker than we thought!

I learned so much during my own personal healing about personal care and cleaning products' impact on our health. The products I used for years had been accumulating in my body since I was a child, and I could not allow those same products to pass through my door any longer. As I continued to adapt my own way of living and cleaning, I began researching specific {toxic} ingredients' impact on children. The results were astonishing, and I will only be sharing a sample of my knowledge today...

Synthetic Fragrances

Most cleaning products and room sprays are made with synthetic fragrances and phthalates. These chemical scents are typically created inside a lab. Companies, by law, do not have to tell you what ingredients are in their “fragrance.” These chemically created scents are known respiratory irritants as well as toxic to your skin and eyes. 

Can you imagine what allergy season and flu season looks like in the home where these products are used? Not only would the respiratory illness take longer to go away, in most cases it is worse than it really needs to be. 


I have been synthetic-fragrance free for over 5 years! When I walk by the cleaning aisle or candle now, I immediately get a headache and feel nauseous because of the overwhelming toxic “buzz” sitting on the shelves. This is only a small part of the daily concern for our children who live in a toxic-filled household. 

Before kids and before my health began to spiral, I used all the things in my home. It’s never too late to switch over to cleaner, plant based options that actually work. If you struggle to find good quality strategies or products for your toddler, join my Free FB Group today!

DIY Bleach

Use in Laundry or add a little baking soda when cleaning White surfaces

4 Cups Water

½ Cup Hydrogen Peroxide

2 Capfuls of THHC

20 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

Add to Large Glass bottle for Laundry/Toilet -or- to Spray Bottle if using on surfaces


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