The NON-Negotiable For a Sleeping Toddler

As a first time Mom I was completely out of my element. How were all these moms doing it and looking GOOD in the process?? My child hadn't slept longer than 4 hours since he was born. I was working full time, attempting to make healthy meals for our little family, and trying not to collapse from complete exhaustion in the process. 

I learned a few tips on my journey which is what I am sharing with you today. The first tip I have for you is a NON-NEGOTIABLE: a bedtime routine. Read on to decide what kind of routine would be best for you and your family.


bedtime routine changed our son’s sleeping pattern and attitude almost instantly. Within a week he was sleeping through the night, and woke up much happier! When thinking about what to add to your child’s routine, make sure it all fits within a 20-30 minute time frame. Longer than 30 minutes may actually elicit wakefulness

Here is an idea of what our nightly routine looked like when he was 12-15 months old: 

Play until 7:00. 

Clean up and put away toys (sometimes this takes 10-15 minutes, so our bedtime routine begins once this step is complete). 

~Take a bath/shower/sponge bath (depending on what kind of day we had) of no more than 10 minutes. 

~After bath, I rub our sleepy time massage lotion/oil onto their feet and legs

~Put on pajamas

~Brush teeth

~Read TWO books

~Sing TWO songs

~Say a prayer


Both of my kids understand this routine well enough that they now lie down in their beds with a few love-pats and put themselves to sleep. We started this routine just after a year with my son, and a similar routine around 4-5 months with my second.

Here is an extensive list of options to add to your routine. Choose 3-5 depending on the age and temperament of your child(ren):

  • Bath / Shower / Sponge Bath
  • Sing
  • Toilet / Diaper / Pull-up
  • Brush teeth
  • Wash hands and face
  • Brush hair
  • Read books
  • Nurse / bottle
  • Drink of water (Nothing with sugar!) 
  • Baby / Toddler Massage
  • Draw or color for 5 minutes 
  • Clean up toys

    This is just part of the puzzle to getting Toddlers to sleep! If you'd like to learn more tips like this join our FREE FB Group!


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