3 Tips to "Finding JOY From Within"

As a woman, we tend to put others first in all areas of our lives. Because of this, we tend to get less sleep, lack nutrition, have less energy, and often feel less joy in our daily lives. Well, no more. It is time we, as mothers, begin taking care of ourselves from the inside out. If we want to take care of others with a servant heart, we must learn to fill our own cup first. 

Read on to find my “Happy-Day Roller Blend” at the end.
State Your Gratitude
... and feel JOY for the mundane.

It may sound cliche, but actually writing down what you are grateful for is one of the most important things you can do to bring JOY back. I know what you're thinking, "I don't have time to do this!" Well, what I have started doing is in the morning, before I even get out of bed, I write down or think of 3 things I am GRATEFUL for from the previous day. I try to make sure I write them down at some point, but I for sure think about each one. Not only does this set my mind up to think positive thoughts from the very first, it also reminds me of the good in my life. When events, things, and people, mean more to you than just a name, a mindshift happens within you. Being grateful even for the small things can make a big impact. Try it- What are you grateful for today?

Mindset MatterS

When we have a thought or a feeling, our brain sends a chemical reaction through the bloodstream throughout the body. These reactions can be negative or positive in nature, and the best thing is, you get to decide what kind of reaction happens within you! So words, and thought patterns matter, and how you speak to yourself matters. The example that comes to mind the most, is "This is too hard." The unconscious brain sends this as a negative thought pattern through the body without a way to fix or manage the problem. Instead, when we say, "I choose to make this fun and easy," the unconscious brain reveals a positive thought pattern. This simple statement creates new ideas of how to make this task more manageable. 
Knowing this, what thought patterns can you update in your own daily life?
Schedule "ME" time
... your body and mind will thank you!

Our lives are inundated with stress, cell phone tones, social media messages, work demands, and just the daily tasks of running a home. The hardest part is turning the focus inward so we can "recharge." It's time to Schedule some time just for you - yes put your “me" time on the calendar, and plan ahead. Do you need to journal, listen to a podcast, plan dinner, create movement in your body, or just be still with your Creator? Filling your cup first is not a selfish act- it is necessary in order to be the caregiver God created you to be.

"Happy-Day" Roller Blend
Roll on wrists and heart throughout the day to support your emotions and stay positive.

  • 10ml roller 
  • Add 5 drops JOY EO
  • Add 3 drops Orange EO
  • Top with Carrier Oil or V6

It’s important to know that NOT all Essential Oils are created equal. You can’t just go to any retailer and trust you are getting the good stuff. 

Lucky for you, I've got a source I trust that has changed how I feel and look in my own skin!

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