3 ways to use Technology for your Toddler's Benefit

If you're a mom, you've had that battle. The battle of turning off the device.. 
The cries, tantrums, and arguing from the small humans is enough to make you CRAZY.
Well, I have a few tricks up my sleeve on how YOU can take control and feel good about "technology" again.

Read to the end to find my favorite online site for Books!

Watch Books on Video
... and then make magic happen.
I'm sure you've tried this approach before! Have them watch an educational video/book when all your toddler wants to do is watch another video, and another. Well, now it's time to turn that video into a reality! One of the reasons why technology can affect social skills in toddlers is that what they see online has no REAL meaning. So take that book and give.it.meaning. Re-create a part of the book (character, problem, etc.) using ART. Draw it, sculpt it into playdough, act it out, or make puppets! Not only does this bring the story to LIFE for your toddler, but also gives you a way into their world. Spending time with your toddler is THE best way to develop language and social skills. 

Watch "How to" Videos...

This idea can be used for anything your toddler loves to do. Watch a video on HOW TO Build a truck out of legos... HOW TO paint a rainbow... or HOW TO bake cookies. All of these activities, again, invite you to take part in the play and make this video REAL to your toddler. Your toddler benefits from watching you. They watch your gestures, your facial expressions, and even how you play. Social skills is an area where our toddlers are at most risk due to the technology advances in our society. Taking small steps each day can prepare your toddler for the world around them.

Pretend Play
... after watching a favorite show!

My kids sure do have their favorite T.V shows, don't yours? Well why not take advantage of this and USE their favorites to facilitate pretend play?! The best part about this strategy is that once you teach your child HOW to play the first few times, they will continue to do this independently. My daughters favorite show right now is Doc McStuffins. So during the show I make sure she has her doctor bag and her pink "doctor coat" to prepare her. Once the show is over, she checks her stuffed animal patients and makes them "feel better" just like the cartoon. My son chooses to play with action figures so making sure the Paw Patrol figures are available or a variety of cars is the best way to make his shows seem "real." 

Story Line Online
If you don't already know about this site, please make the journey over to: Story Line Online, where they have a great selection of recorded books.

You will find books read by famous people, AND activity guides for EACH book! Make sure to download the PARENT guides as they have some great activities for you and your child.

Let me know if you find this site valuable!

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