Hi! I'm Katie - a Texas-based Mom and Speech-Language Pathologist, with a strong focus on natural toddler development. 

I support fearful moms raising a speech delayed child to have confidence again in their style of parenting. My profession as a Speech-Language Pathologist of over 11 years has given me the passion and desire to enhance children's lives in the most natural way possible. 

To create an environment that works for your child follow me to incorporate child-lead communication and behavior strategies, meet your child right where he/she is developmentally, create safe and effective DIYs around the home, understand thematic learning principles, and more! 

Together, let's create an approach to help you break through the everyday mundane and give your child the freedom to develop in the way God intended...

Are you ready to feel like a confident Mom again?

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My heart is to support you, Mom...